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Dating & Disability – Most Asked Questions

Handicapped Dating Advice

Dating & Disability – Most Asked Questions

Dating can be a difficult task for some and a walk in the park for the others. For some individuals meeting with new people and paving way for new relationships is an easy activity. While on the other hand, the thought of meeting a new person can make some individuals really nervous.

There may be a fear of rejection and not being understood. However, if you follow the steps and the advice on the AWED site then it can provide individuals with new hope and a fresh new perspective. 

With the assistance of our dedicated dating app and with our links and workshops, AWED, can help you dive right into the amazing world of online dating, making new friendships, discovering new potential opportunities and perhaps even have your dreams come true.

To help you on your way we have prepared a list of top five questions that most individuals wrestle with before starting their journey of online dating.

Let’s get started:

How much should I share about my disability?

This is one of the most asked of all questions. How much should I reveal about myself?

Owning who you are and being comfortable with your individuality is being honest. Being honest is what you would want from a new friendship so it is really important to be straightforward. You don’t have to share ALL the details about your disability straightaway. There will be other things to talk about as you get to know each other. AWED has made a list to help you describe yourself and this will attract the right people with the right understanding because you have been transparent and that will become the foundation of your relationship.

Is there an ideal time to reveal my disability?

Absolutely! The right time is straightaway. Be honest. Be real. Just be yourself.

How should I reveal my disability?

Talking about one’s disability is of course a personal thing and everyone has their own way of doing this. Some people like to have a couple of email exchanges or phone calls before telling the other person more about their disability while on the other hand, some individuals like to share it during the first interaction.  

 The best practice is to always take things slowly. Don’t rush things. Be relaxed and don’t be in a hurry. Give a name to your disability without divulging all personal details – wait until you are absolutely sure that your new friendship is real and solid.

Is online dating safe with AWED?

Yes, online dating can be 100% safe with AWED.  We aim to be the best  disability dating app and have integrated the best security features and confidentiality algorithms to ensure your details are safe and secured. 


DON’T disclose all your personal details when you register on the AWED app.

Only start with your name, gender and dating preferences and the app will start finding matches.


If you are reading this you must be wanting to make changes in your personal life. We all want those changes to be positive, joyful and fulfilling.

Follow our guidelines. We are here to help and assist.

Download AWED now and unlock a safe, secure and bespoke world of disability online dating and invite new people into your world.

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