Dating App for individuals with a Cognitive Disability

Dating App for the Cognitive Disabled

Disabled Dating App

Dating App for the Cognitive Disabled

Finding the right partner or making new friendships is a journey and it will have it’s ups and downs. That’s natural. That’s life.

Online dating has emerged as a favourite and common route for finding and meeting new people. How much help you will need or want will depend on the cognitive disability you are living with. 

Let’s get begin your journey:

It’s easy to get started

As compared to physical dating or going out to meet people, you only need your mobile and a stable internet connection to get started. The next thing you need to do is download a Dating App for People With Disabilities.

Now create a dating profile with your basic information: include your age, gender, nationality, and dating/friendship preferences. The app also have an optional setting that enables you to list your disability only if you give the authority. After this sit back and enjoy a fun session of perusing through matched profiles. 

It’s more comfortable

The most amazing thing about an online dating app is that it gives you the opportunity of interacting with new people in a secure and comfortable space. You don’t have to be tense about a face-to-face interaction.

It provides more options

Online dating enables you to match with people that you find fitting to your preferences and interests. 

You will have the option to meet people in your locality, your culture and much more.

In the settings you will find a sliding distance selector to decide how far you are prepared to travel if you agree to meet.  

You can reach people outside of your neighbourhood

Dating Sites and apps, can connect you to people outside your geographical location.  It is a decision you will have to make. How far do you want to travel?

It provides you with a preliminary idea

This is one of the best features of Dating Sites. They provide you with the luxury of learning about a possible new friendship or date before you meet them face to face. You can email each other, have a conversation, ask questions and begin the relationship at a distance.

You can also go to their profile and explore their interests and preferences to decide if you are compatibility. The AWED app also comes with a chatting feature that is – you can record a message so that your voice can be heard and get an impression of the person you have matched with. 

Dating apps are flexible and convenient

This is another amazing feature and benefit of a Dating App. You can explore the profiles of other people from the comfort of your home using your mobile. You can ask your carer if you have one or one of you house mates to help you.

Another great thing is that these dating apps don’t push unnecessary profiles on you. You will always have the authority to choose who you want to connect with despite the app’s suggestions. You can start a conversation whenever you want or block a profile that may be making you uncomfortable.


Online dating has changed the world and the way people can start and handle relationships. It has paved the path to finding new friendships over coming barriers. The team at AWED are working towards making it the most trusted Dating App for People With Disabilities. It is available for free download for all devices. 


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