Dating app for people living with Disabilities Site Australia

Dating Site & App for People living with Disabilities

Dating Site & App for People living with Disabilities


Most people agree that good friendships make the world go around. Friends that understand who you are, that make you laugh, that you can talk to and share ideas. They can make your world feel more joyful. This may be all you are looking for.

Some people wish for a life partner with whom they can commit themselves ,to spend the rest of their lives with.

Whether it’s friendship or love that you are searching for they both are about honesty, affection, having conversations about and sharing hobbies, likes, dislikes, and so much more. 


Dating Advice for People with Disabilities



At AWED we believe that everyone deserves the right to happiness and love. We also know that if you are shy or have been spending a long time alone and have lost your self confidence you may need help and practice to get back into the swing of it. Remember “Practice makes Perfect”. You may have to meet many people on the dating app before you find the right person who clicks with you. This is normal. It’s life. We can’t expect everyone to choose us – we all have different interests and we all are attractive to different personalities. So be patient. Don’t be disheartened if it takes some time.


How Awed can help People with Dating and finding Friendships 


AWED is dedicated and designed for people living with DisabilitiesWe are also currently designing workshops that will be accessible to anyone who feels they need help or practice in meeting new people.  

The AI of AWED helps people communicate and chat with other people without any inconvenience. Features like the text speech are helpful to people who are impaired eyesight. The text will automatically convert into a voice note, so there is no barrier to communication.


Features of Awed

AWED is available on both Android and iOS platforms; thus, it can help one connect with many people; according to AWED, love has no boundaries, and the Awed app helps people find love. The app works seamlessly on both platforms; hence you can have a hassle-free conversation with people with the same interests.

AWED is constantly updating it’s e-security for client security and enjoyment.

AWED knows that ease of conversation is vital in online dating; we have designed an interface that provides this.

AWED’S audio converter is machine-generated but is not a robotic voice that removes all the text’s essence and emotion. The automated voice is programmed in such a manner so that you can feel the emotion while listening. Just text from one end, and the text will automatically convert into a voice note.



Keep checking the site for news of workshops and get together evenings

The AWED team is dedicated to giving you the best dating app in Australia because we are consulting with people who live with disabilities.

Get the most out of life – subscribe to AWED and become AWEsome

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